Selected Consolidated and Dithridge Shakers

During the late 1800's several companies produced beautiful shakers in attractive colors. Two companies produced a series of shakers that have been called "colored" milk glass by early collectors. Whatever you call them, pastel colors or whatever, they are beautiful shakers as singles or pairs. Because the colors blend together, a cabinet full of these shakers are very attractive.

The companies are Consolidated Lamp & Glass Company and Dithridge & Company. Once you have established that a shaker was made by Consolidated or Dithridge, you can determine which company made it based on some of the colors. Consolidated made the shakers in pink, pink cased, green, and blue. Dithridge made the shakers in pink, custard, and blue. All are known in white opalware. Although not limited to these colors, and possible exceptions, distinctive differences are noted.

  1. If it is cased pink, it was made by Consolidated.
  2. If it is green, it was made by Consolidated.
  3. If it is custard, it was made by Dithridge.
After seeing hundreds of these shakers, we have only seen one exception to the above rules. A shaker called corn, attributed to Dithridge is also known in pink cased. However, although attributed to Dithridge, it is not in the catalog reprints and no documentation has appeared in the literature.

1894 catalog reprints of the above mentioned shakers were originally printed in Peterson's book and have appeared elsewhere since. There are 10 Consolidated shakers shown and 10 Dithridge shakers shown. Collecting all of the colors made of just these shakers would make a collection of 140 shakers, or 280 if paired. A display cabinet full of these is truly eye-catching. Please choose the "Consolidated and Dithridge Salt Shakers" title below to see a gallery of these shakers.

This article was written by Bob Bruce, our late Webmaster. It is featured here in appreciation for his many efforts.

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Some Consolidated Salt Shakers

blue bulging leaf salt shaker Pink guttate salt shaker green overlapping shell salt shaker Pink narrow scroll salt shaker
pink pineapple salt shaker green palm leaf salt shaker pink leaning salt shaker blue guttate salt shaker

Some Dithridge Salt Shakers

blue alba salt shaker cloverleaf salt shaker pink creased bale salt shaker blue square scroll salt shaker
pink standing leaf salt shaker blue sunset salt shaker custard wide swirl salt shaker pink heart salt shaker

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