Victor - OMN (aka Shoshone or Floral Diamond)

Victor Salt Shaker

Ref. Cit: Kamm 4-71; Millard, Goblets II, Pl. 88; Heacock 7, p. 209; Peterson, Glass Salt Shakers, p. 161I.
Maker: U.S. Glass.
Date: Introduced in 1896.
Size: 3-3/8" tall; 2-1/2" wide.
Desc: Constricted neck flares to wide base. Row of eight stars around bottom, each topped by a bead-bordered diamond. The neck has eight flat panels extending upward from the space between diamonds. Closed on bottom by cut shut method. A variant is barrel shaped with stars around the shoulder above the diamonds (Victor #15046 in 1904 U.S. Glass Catalog.).
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: Ruby stained.
Submitted by: Lockwood
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