Swag with Brackets, Variant


Ref. Cit: Heacock, Book II, Opalescent Glass from A to Z, p 31.
Maker: Jefferson Glass Co.
Date: Ca. 1904
Size: 3" tall.
Desc: Two versions are shown. Both are bulbous at the top, narrowing down to four leaf forms at four slightly raised bottom corners. Swag with Brackets (shown at left) has four protruding brackets connected by embossed swags. The variant (shown at right) has rosettes instead of the protruding brackets.
Colors Known: Electric ("glowing") blue opal; clear amethyst; green opal; additional colors known in the version with protruding brackets are: clear opal, clear blue, blue opal, clear green, canary opal.
Decoration: Some shakers have gold decoration on the swags and on the leaf forms.
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More Info: Lechner II, p. 107; Lechner III, p 85.

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