Special Find: Hobbs, Brockunier & Co. Satina Swirl
Unreported Color

Picture of Green Satina Swirl Salt Shaker

A member reports a rare recent purchase of an unreported color in a quality shaker for $20. The Satina Swirl pattern by Hobbs is an unusual treatment of opalescence or casing. The white background gives outstanding colors.

Although Hobbs' colors include Marine Green (a clear green) on their Craquelle shakers, no green has been reported in the literature for Satina Swirl.

These bargains are still out there. Sometimes a little harder to find, but what a treasure when you find one.

Picture of Cranberry Satina Swirl Salt Shaker Picture of Blue Satina Swirl Salt Shaker Picture of Amber Satina Swirl Salt Shaker

Shown are known reported colors of Satina Swirl - also known in vaseline or canary.
Ruby (cranberry) in shiny, Sapphire (blue) in shiny, Old Gold (amber) in satin.
Shakers can probably be found in all colors and both satin and shiny.
That means at least 10 shakers for a complete set!

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