Opalescent Triple Rib - a rarity

A collector reports that she has just found this rare shaker. It is called Triple Rib but this one is very thin in color and can be called opalescent or thin slag. She reports, "This shaker has been reported in a number of different colors, in slag and even in carnival. They are all hard to find. But here is a variation which has not been reported and one that I have not seen before. A lovely opalescent!"

This shaker has been attributed to Consolidated by the Lechners in both Books I and II although no reference has been quoted. The colors this shaker is known in, however, does not seem to match other colors by Consolidated. Some experimental colors are known for Dithridge shakers. The opalescent that this shaker has reminds one of some of Northwood's Everglades and also Challinor's Square shakers.

Triple Rib opalescent salt shaker, view 1 Triple Rib opalescent salt shaker, view 2

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