Special Find: Northwood's Beaded Crosstie Salt Shaker

The Beaded Crosstie salt shaker now has a "pedigree". When the first Northwood book, "The Early Years" was written, it was speculated that this shaker was probably a Northwood product. This was based upon color attribution. The only shakers known in cased green glass were products of Northwood, e.g. Northwood's Cactus and Quilted Phlox. Beaded Crosstie was also known in cased green. A shaker in cased pink has just been found which strongly supports this assumption. The Northwood cased pink is frequently found in a "muddy" (pale or washed out) pink color. (I doubt Harry would appreciate this color description). This shaker is of the same color. It would be hard to assume that another maker issued a color so close to the Northwood color. Although it is not a positive proof, it certainly is a strong indication, prior to finding a catalog reprint. It was speculated that the Cactus shaker was a Northwood product based upon similar associations, later to find the catalog reprint. The photos on this page support the above discussion.

Picture of Pink Northwood's Beaded Crosstie Picture of Green Northwood's Beaded Crosstie Picture of Green Cased Northwood's Beaded Crosstie

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