Special Finds: New Colors of Sunset Shakers

Members of our club are fortunate to have found three color rarities in the Dithridge Sunset pattern. The latest is the very rare lavender color. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Yellow Sunset Salt Shaker Green Sunset Salt Shaker Lavender Sunset Salt Shaker
 Yellow - note: this is not a
variation of the custard color
Green - A bright green, not at all
like Consolidated's Light Green

A beautiful lavender color

An 1894 Advertisement for the "Dithridge & Co." of Pittsburgh, PA. showed 10 salt shakers. All ten of the shakers shown are known in the common colors of:

White Opaque
Blue Opaque
Pink Opaque
Custard Opaque

It is interesting to note that none of the shakers are known in cased glass. Consolidated had a similar advertisement the same year. Their common colors are:

White Opaque
Blue Opaque
Pink Opaque
Green Opaque
Cased Pink

Note that Consolidated did not make custard shakers, at least none known, and Dithridge did not make cased glass shakers. Consolidated made a light green instead of custard. At least some of the shakers for both companies are known in satin glass.

Pictured below are four of the common Sunset Shaker colors.

White Sunset Salt Shaker Old Pink Sunset Salt Shaker Custard Sunset Salt Shaker Blue Sunset Salt Shaker

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