Special Find: Cased Vaseline Salt Shaker

Cased Vaseline Salt Shaker Picture

A collector reports finding a Cased Vaseline shaker with an unreported decoration. Other similar Cased Vaseline shakers are known as "Bird Arbor", "Mayfly", "Game Bird" and "Swallow Song". This find is one with a beautiful flower decor. We think it is the first one reported with this decor. It makes one wonder what other decors can be found. Pictured below are three of the other cased vaseline shakers with the same shape (they are also pictured in the "Vaseline Shakers" article found under our "Research" section). It is believed these are either Smith Bros. or Mt. Washington shakers.

Bird Arbor vaseline salt shaker Mayfly vaseline salt shaker Game Birds vaseline salt shaker

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