Special Find: Northwood's Cactus in Blue Opalescent
Harry Northwood's Many Cactus Colors

A member reports a recent purchase of a known shaker in a rare color. Northwood's Cactus in known in many colors but has never been pictured in Blue Opalescent Stripe. The member reports that one was seen at Brimfield about 15 years ago but the dealer wanted over twice the price of a beautifully decorated Mt Washington egg shaker. Not knowing the rarity of it, it was passed. However, the search has been ongoing since, only to finally be found in 2004 in an Antique Mall. The price was still higher than others of comparable quality but that no longer mattered. It is now pictured below, followed by many other Northwood Cactus shakers.

Cactus Blue Opalescent Salt Shaker, side view cactus blue opalescent Salt Shaker, corner view


Harry Northwood produced some of the finest colored pattern glassware of the Victorian era. Normally the salt shakers were associated with a pattern. One shaker that is not, is the Cactus shaker. It was produced in more colors and glass types than any other shaker known. There are at least twelve different shakers.

1 Cranberry Opalescent
2 Blue Opalescent
3 Canary Opalescent
4 Pink Cased (two tints)
5 Blue Opalware (two tints)
6 Light Green Opalware
7 Pea Green Opalware
8 Cased Green
9 White Opalware (w & w/o decoration)
10 Clear Amethyst
11 Clear Apple Green
12 Clear Electric Blue

This shaker can probably be found in Pink Opalware = 13. If you assume 13, and accept that the dark pink and slag type blue are different from the other respective colors, then the total number becomes 15. Counting decorated and undecorated milk, then the number becomes an unbelieveable 16.

cactus cranberry opalescent salt shaker, side view cactus cranberry opalescent salt shaker, corner view

cactus canary opalescent salt shaker, side view

cactus canary opalescent salt shaker, corner view

pea green cactus salt shaker

green cactus salt shaker

green cased cactus salt shaker
Northwood's Unique Pea Green Green Green Cased

blue opalware cactus salt shaker

dark blue opalescent thin salt shaker
Blue Opalware Dark Blue Thin Opalescent

cactus opal Decor blue one side salt shaker

cactus opal decor pink other side salt shaker
Opal, Blue Decor One Side Opal, Pink Decor Other Side

muddy pink cased cactus salt shaker

pink cased cactus salt shaker2
Northwood Unique Muddy Pink Cased Pink Cased

amethyst clear cactus salt shaker

clear blue cactus salt shaker

clear green cactus salt shaker
Amethyst Electric Blue Apple Green

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