Special Find: Blue Intaglio Salt Shaker

Picture of Blue Intaglio Salt Shaker

You have seen this shaker in Northwood's custard glass. Sometimes decorated with blue scrolls but more frequently decorated with green scrolls. You may have also seen it in emerald green glass. BUT, have you ever seen one in blue opalware??? This shaker is a true rarity. It was used for the agenda brochure for the AGSSSC convention in 2003.

This blue color matches the blue of Northwood's Chrysanthemum Sprig Pattern, available in complete pattern glass sets. Some have called the color "Blue Custard", perhaps because the pattern is usually seen in custard. There is no evidence that any other Intaglio pattern glass pieces were made in the color. Speculation is that it could have been made by a factory member for a special customer or personal use.

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