Special Find: Opera Glasses - Unreported Color: Cobalt Blue

Picture of Cobalt Opera Glasses Salt Shaker

The Opera Glasses were attributed to Consolidated by the Lechners in their Volume III, p44, crediting Melvin Murray and the Fostoria Museum for the positive attribution. Finding a set in cobalt blue is consistent with that attribution as Consolidated is known to have produced wares in decorated opal, pigeon blood and cobalt.

It should be noted that the set shown in Lechner's Book II, p241 has been seen with a Wave Crest stamp on the base. It has also been seen for sale by a noted Wave Crest dealer as "Wave Crest". However, close inspection of the mark reveals that it appears to be an incorrect mark.

In addition; since the decorations shown are not typical Wave Crest; the set is known in both pigeon blood and cobalt; it does not appear in configuration nor decoration in any Monroe catalog; one should be aware that it is highly likely that the set was never produced by C F Monroe.

Picture of Cobalt Opera Glasses Salt Shaker

Picture of Assorted Opera Glasses Salt Shakers

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