Sheaf and Block


Ref. Cit: Kamm 6, p. 16, pl 48
Maker: Co-operative Flint Glass Co. No. 200.
Date: Ca. 1893
Size: 3" high, 1-3/4" wide at base.
Desc: Heavy clear glass shaped in a cylinder with a narrow ring top and broad base. The pattern consists of four large embossed diamond-shaped blocks around the shaker's middle, each containing an arrangement of four beveled smaller diamond-shaped blocks set within an embossed "X". Above and below the point where each of the larger diamond block's corners meet are embossed leaves or "sheaves."
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: Ruby staining on each of the smaller diamond blocks.
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More Info: Heacock, Book 7, p. 66.

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