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Plain Panel in Chocolate

Plain Panel: Chocolate. This shaker is in chocolate glass
which was made famous by the Indiana Tumbler and Goblet Company
of Greentown, In. It was originally thought to be Pleat Panel,
and made by Greentown. However, that shaker has been found and
this shaker is now called Plain Panel, maker not known.
Peterson originally called this shaker Ten Panel.

Duchess in Decorated Crystal

Duchess: Decorated Crystal. This shaker is called Duchess.
It is Pattern Glass. It has long been considered made by
Riverside glass Company, as a companion to their Empress
pattern. Some now think it was made by Beaumont. Records
indicate it was made by Beaumont; however, the question remains
if it was originally made by Riverside. A beautiful shaker
and a beautiful pattern.

Egg in Blossom in Decorated Satin Glass

Egg In Blossom: A Smith Brothers Decorated Satin glass Shaker.
The glass was undoubtedly made by the Mt Washington Glass Company
who gets credit for this shaker by some authors although it is
shown in the Smith Bros. catalog

Doric in Apple Green

Doric in Apple Green

Cockle Shell, Mt. Washington, in Satin Opalware

Cockle Shell, Mt. Washington, in Satin Opalware

IOU in Emerald Green

IOU in Emerald Green

Northwood's Optica in Green

Northwood's Optica in Green

Wave Crest, Parker A: Decorated Opalware

Wave Crest, Parker A: Decorated Opalware

Wave Crest, Parker B: Crystal

Wave Crest, Parker B: Crystal

U S Glass, Missouri in Emerald Green

U S Glass, Missouri: Emerald Green

Greentown's Dewey in Chocolate

Greentown's Dewey: Chocolate

Annie in Crystal

Annie: Crystal

Dice, Double in Milk Glass

Dice, Double: Milk Glass

Mt. Washington's Rafter Panel in Opalware

Mt. Washington's Rafter Panel: Opalware

Klondike in Crystal

Klondike: Crystal

Blooming Flower in Pink Opalware

Blooming Flower: Pink Opalware



Bulging Three Petal in Pigeon Blood

Bulging Three Petal: Pigeon Blood

Decorated Satin Custard Glass

Decorated Satin Custard Glass

Flower Assortment in Blue Opalware

Flower Assortment: Blue Opalware

Mt. Washington's Tomato in Decorated Satin Glass

Mt. Washington's Tomato: Decorated Satin Glass

Inverted Fan and Feather in Decorated Custard Glass

Inverted Fan and Feather: Decorated Custard Glass

Mt. Washington's Fig in Decorated Satin Glass

Mt. Washington's Fig: Decorated Satin Glass

Parian Swirl in Satin Glass

Parian Swirl: Satin Glass

Tiny Thumbprint in Custard Glass

Tiny Thumbprint: Custard Glass

Coinspot in Holder in Opalescent Cranberry Glass

Coinspot in Holder: Opalescent Cranberry Glass

Cosmos Scroll Condiment Set in Decorated Opalware

Cosmos Scroll Condiment Set: Decorated Opalware

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