Swirl, Intaglio
Swirl, Intaglio

Maker: McKee Glass Company.
Reference(s): Peterson,pg. 164-A, listed this shaker as Intaglio Swirl. The shaker was also listed in Lechner I, pg. 42 & 43-1 and in Lechner II, pg.116-2. See Special Comments below.
Description: A bulbous shaker with large swirls on body and a concave neck terminated at the top with a neck ring encircled with small swirls.
Decoration: Pattern has two 8 pedaled flowers with small leaves between two embossed vines.
Colors Known: White or blue opaque. Clear green. Sometimes frosted. The flower, leaves, and vines often are HP with Goofus coloring.
Size: 2-7/8" tall; 2-1/4" max. dia."; 1-1/2" base dia.
Date: Ca. 1908-10.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO92.
Special Comments: Peterson apparently assigned the name Intaglio Swirl to this shaker and Lechner I continued with that name and had the correct attribution of "McKee Glass Company". However, in Lechner II, there is an incorrect attribution to McKee and Brothers which did not exist in 1908! (The name changed in 1904.) Also, Lechner II decided to change the name of the shaker to Swirl, Intaglio without explaining the change, but he may have found the OMN - not clear?

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