Grill and Scroll
Grill and Scroll
Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): See Special Comments below.
Description: Bulging lower and concave upper. Four panels and flat. shoulder. Top half encircled with elaborate, embossed scrolling.
Decoration: HP enameling.
Colors Known: HP opalware; pink stained in mid-section, brown stained on top and bottom.
Size: 3" tall; 1-3/8" base diameter.
Date: Around 1900.
Submitted by: Elderry.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO7.
Special Comments: Shown in Lechner II, pg. 230-5 with above name. But, Lechner also shows it in same book on pg. 204-3 and named it "Beaded Diamond and Scroll"! Submitter indicated to be in book by Edwin G. Warman, Milk Glass Addenda, Pl. 77, but Plate 77 shows several vases and it was not found in the shaker section of the book? The shaker shown in Lechner has a different HP decoration and older lid with a top knob.

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