Barrel, Hobstar Base
Barrel, Hobstar Base

Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): Lechner II, pg. 204-2.
Description: Circular barrel with slight bulge in upper which is encircled with ridge narrowly outlined in black. Has interesting hobstar design on bottom which consists of a 12 pointed star with a central large knob.
Decoration: Inscription on front reads "Souvenir Waterloo". Just above this script is a thin, painted ring around the ridge on the body.
Colors Known: Opaque green.
Size: 2-5/8" tall; 1-1/4" across base.
Date: Ca. 1898-1906.
Submitted by: McElberry.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO6.
Special Comments: Lechner's name was "Barrel, Souvenir". However, writing easily wears off, Name above is better. Clearly, aka "Barrel Souvenir".

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