Flower with Cane
Flower with Cane

Maker: U.S. Glass Co. #15141.
Reference(s): Kamm, A Seventh Pattern Glass Book, pg. 29. Also, Heacock, 1000 Toothpick Holders, pg. 53, Fig. 234; Heacock, U.S. Glass From A to Z, pg. 164-G shows original ad.
Description: Tall cylindrical shaker with slightly wider pedestal base. Pattern repeated three times on body and consists of six pedaled flower embellished with some caning and diamond points.
Decoration: Some are ruby-stained.
Colors Known: Clear; ruby stained; some gilding, other colors.
Size: 3-3/8" tall; 1-5/8" dia. at neck; 1-3/3" dia. at waist.
Date: Ca. 1895-1912.
Submitted by: Avery.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO54.
Special Comments: Nice photo of this pattern is in D. & P, Unitt American and Canadian Goblets, Vol. II, pg. 81. Also, shown in Lechner II, pg. 228-1.

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