Maker: Unknown
Reference(s): Kamm, Two Hundred Pattern Glass Book, Book 4, pg. 101. Also, Lechner II, pg. 210-5.
Description: Tall, cylindrical shaker with four rounded panels. Each panel has raised, double frame with beveled corners and frames a large, plain area. Just above the base is an encircling ring of small frames enclosing several short vertical lines.
Decoration: None known.
Colors Known: Clear.
Size: 3" tall.
Date: Ca. 1900-3
Submitted by: Avery
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO50
Special Comments: What inspired Kamm to come up with this name? D. and P. Unitt comment in American and Candian Goblets, Volume II that they believe this pattern was made in Canada.

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