Rhea D
Rhea D

Maker: Dazell, Gilmore, and Leighton Company
Reference(s): Lechner II, pg. 57-2.
Description: Shaker is widest at its base and tapers up to the neck. The body has four protruding wide panels with major bulge in each near the base. The region between the panels is a sunken, lyre-shaped region which is outlined with a U-shaped string of many round beads. In the middle of the bead string is a vertical column formed by 23 horizontal dashes all of the same length.
Decoration: None
Colors Known: Opalware
Size: 2-1/2" tall; 1-1/2" width
Date: Ca. 1889-1900
Submitted by: White
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO19
Special Comments: Rhea D is the OMN. Also, known as "Vertical Protruding Panels".

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