Bow and Flower
Bow and Flower
Maker: Eagle Glass and Manufacturing Company
Reference(s): Lechner II, pg.73-1.
Description: Definitely a concave shaker with circular cross-section and bulging lower region. Has a row of beads around the neck and a row of serrated arrow-heads just above the bulging base. The embossed design shows a flower with large tied bow. There are two such designs on opposite sides of the shaker. The flower at the center of the bow has five petals. The bow is large with long end pieces.
Decoration: HP with the embossed flower being blue and the bow gilded.
Colors Known: White opalware
Size: 3" tall; 2-1/2" wide
Date: Ca. 1901-1908
Submitted by: White
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO13
Special Comments: None.

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