Maker: Unknown.
Reference(s): See Special Comments below.
Description: A barrel shaped shaker with 12 raised swirls going left from the bottom. Shaker tapers some from top to bottom and has rounded shoulder.
Decoration: Opaque shaker has upside-down spray of flowers (i.e., flowers pointing downward and largest leaves are at the top?) painted down the swirls.
Colors Known: Clear amber; opalware.
Size: 2-3/4" tall; 1-5/8" max. dia.; 1" base dia.
Date: Possibly not an antique shaker?
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO116.
Special Comments: Submitter gave as reference Warman, Milk Glass Addenda Pl. 129-D. This shaker can't be that shaker since the swirls go in the opposite direction! Shaker might be #206 Twistee, Reverse. Conspicously not listed in Lechner? Age is not clear?

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