Pictures of Displays from Previous Conventions 1992-1999

Learn Your ABCs

Best of Show 1999: Learn Your ABC's
26 Blocks with 26 Shakers Pointing to Knowledge

Rosenthal's Victorian Chocolates

Best of Show 1998: Rosenthal's Victorian Chocolates">
A display of chocolate shakers made from the formula developed by Rosethal:
"Fat Free" "Sugar Free"

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Best of Show 1993: Farmyard Full of Chickens and Eggs

A Corny Display

Best of Show 1992: A Corny Display (Convention in Iowa corn country)
A display of several acorn shakers and several corn shakers.
"Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in awhile". "Acorns
are not corn, not even close, you say. But we needed them
for this corny display." "Pigs like corn and they like to
squeal, but we found these corn before they became a meal."

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"These Are Some of Our Favorite Things" with the sheet music
from A Sound of Music. A display of beautiful Rare shakers
eloquently displayed on mirrors.

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"California Gold Rush" - Several Beautiful Red Shakers containing gold
to achieve the rich color - Display for the California Convention

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"I Get The Blues When It Rains" - 1993 Display
Several Beautiful Blue Shakers Displayed

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"Rainbow Mother of Pearl" - 1996 Display
Like the Rainbow Shaker but also with MOP

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"Mt Washington Family - Our Newest Addition"
Display of the "Little Mushroom" shaker in baby carriage
with background of several other Mt Washington shakers.
Also displayed are Mom & Pop, the more common Mushroom Sugar Shakers.

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Display of all White Milk Glass Victorian Salt Shakers.
Easily seen are the rare "John Bull", "Billikin", and
"Atterbury Twin" shakers.

We would like to know the year of the above two displays and also add to our
"collection" of pictures from "Previous Years." We can scan pictures of good quality
and return them quickly!

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