Pattee Cross

Pattee Cross Salt Shaker

Ref. Cit: Kamm 2, 121; Heacock 5, p. 43; Welker, Pressed Glass in America, p. 422.
Maker: U.S. Glass, #15112.
Date: Ca. 1909 - 1910.
Size: 3-3/8" tall; 2-1/4" at widest; 1-7/8" base.
Desc: Neck has six plain flutes with arched top and bottom. Three large double beveled circles with large diamond within, filled with small diamonds. This design interlocks with three four-petaled crosses.
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: None reported.
Submitted by: Avery.
More Info: Lechner III, p. 160.

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