Paneled Holly


Ref. Cit: Kamm 2-59; Heacock II, pp 22, 29, 31.
Maker: Harry Northwood
Date: Ca. 1904.
Size: 3" tall, 2-3/8" wide.
Desc: Translucent White opalescent glass, dual mold blown, cased over clear glass giving it a slight slag appearance. The pattern consists of a large oval concave thumbprint enclosed in a diamond shaped panel with another diamond shaped panel of the same size filled with smaller diamonds to each side. The pattern appears three times around the wider bottom half of the shaker. A small cluster of holly leaves (stippled) and berries (in relief) nestle in the pointed bottom part of six panels that form the narrower top half of the shaker.
Colors Known: White opalescent, blue opalescent, green, clear, carnival.
Decoration: Gold decoration on the leaves, berries, and thumbprints.
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More Info: Lechner III, 141.

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