Some Opalescent...Reverse Swirl and Speckled Shakers

Pictures of Shakers AGSSSC Members Collect

Below are a series of related shakers, some by pattern, some by color and/or type of glass, and some by manufacturer. This section may be expanded if members wish to submit colors or shapes not provided here.

selection of four reverse swirl opalescent shakers

Clear, Canary or Vaseline, Cranberry, Blue
Shaker named "Opal-Ribbon, Short" by Peterson

Vaseline and Blue Satin ribbon, tall opalescent salt shakers

Vaseline, Blue Satin

Vaseline opalescent twist salt shaker

Vaseline Opalescent "Twist" Shaker
Named by Warman, Adopted by AGSSSC

Chrysanthemum Base, Speckled salt shakers

Chrysanthemum Base, Speckled, Salt Shakers
Cranberry, Vaseline
Named by Peterson, Attributed to Northwood by Heacock, Measell...
.."Northwood, The Early Years">

Reverse swirl, speckled blue and speckled vaseline shakers

Reverse Swirl, Speckled Salt Shakers
Blue, Vaseline

Reverse swirl, tall vaseline opalescent shaker

Reverse Swirl, Tall Salt Shaker
Vaseline Opalescent

Assortment of above all vaseline/canary shakers

Assortment of Above
All Vaseline/Canary Shakers

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