2012 Mini Convention:

Arizona Mini Convention in February 2012

The West Coast Salt Shaker Connection got together in the Phoenix, AZ area on February 18-19 to talk about Victorian Glass and, of course, Salt and Sugar Shakers. All had a super time! There were 22 of us and we started the Glass Tour at Dean and Leann Lindsey's beautiful home, where we saw many cabinets filled with salt shakers and all kinds of Wonderful Victorian Glass. In their kitchen, they had a large picture window, and in this window they had shelves specially built to display their many, many Victorian tumblers. Every Pattern Glass and Art Glass Tumbler imaginabled is placed in this area. Such an eye catcher! Also, in the kitchen, over the kitchen cabinets, they have overhead decorative niches or cut out areas in the walls where they display their collection of large bulbous Victorian water pitchers. It sort of made your mouth water with all of the tumblers and water pitchers!

You never have enough time to see all of the glass, but it was soon time to eat.  We had a delicious pulled pork BBQ luncheon. (Wilf ate so much he almost fell through the caned seat of the chair on which he was sitting.)  A good laugh was had by all, except Wilf.   He thought he was going to have to pay for the chair!  Yikes!  Just kidding Wilf! The chairs were headed for the Cane Shop. LeAnn just wanted to use them one more time.  We then had a Show and Tell, where most  of us collectors brought a Show and Tell to talk about or ask, What is it?  Also, there were tables of Shakers and Victorian Glass for sale, which got plenty of business.   In mid afternoon, we all drove to another part of Phoenix to visit the Beautiful home of Andy and Mary Jo Dersch. This was also a Treat.   Any Tankard water pitcher you can think of….they…not only had it in one color, but in Cranberry Opal, Clear and Blue Opalescent. It was a sight to see.  They also had plenty of Victorian glass placed around their home, along with a cabinet of Amberina glass and lots of Northwood glass.  Also, Andy played some of his Antique Music Boxes for us.  Beautiful Music. They fed us a delicious Fruit and Shrimp Platter and also Beautiful Cherry Pink Parfaits. Yummy. We all left for the evening to give our eyes a much needed rest and wondered what Bill and Betty Stromberg had in store for us on Sunday Morning at their home. We were not disappointed...A delicious Breakfast Brunch was served at the Stromberg's beautiful home, and then we all drooled again over more beautiful Victorian Glass. They had lots of Pattern glass, New England and Mt. Washington glass. A sight to behold.  Many beautiful pieces of Amberina and Mt. Washington Burmese and Peachblow. Lots of eye candy in this home too.   Also, we won't forget Barney, our mascot, who is in the group picture. The get-together broke up early Sunday afternoon, but we all left Phoenix with a lot of great memories and more love for this beautiful Victorian Glass. It was a Great Weekend for Salt Shaker and Glass Lovers. A big Thank You to: Leann, Dean, Mary Jo , Andy, Betty and Bill.

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