2010 Mini Conventions:

California Mini Convention in February 2010

On February 13th Carole Bruce hosted a group of 17 glass devotees for the 4th western mini-convention in Riverside, CA. Attending were Wilf and Dolli Cohen, Charity Everitt and Al McGinnis, Roger Haworth, Roger and Shirley Fox, Leann and Dean Lindsey and their guests Mary Jo and Andy Dersch, John Mace, Paul and Diane Miller, Joyce Sprock, and Betty and Bill Stromberg.

Attendees admired the many salt shakers and other art glass beautifully displayed: rows of shakers in light cabinets, Wave Crest plaques on the walls, and vases and pitcher and tumbler sets of some of the loveliest patterns on the mantels.

Carole had the luncheon tables set with red and white in celebration of Valentine's Day, and served a plenteous buffet of hot sandwiches and side dishes and an abundance of desserts. Ruby and crystal shakers and toothpicks adorned each table. Those fortunate to eat outside on the patio had hummingbirds for company and a view of the extraordinarily green California hills rising behind the house and snow-clad mountains in the distance.

After lunch the group gathered for Show and Tell. leann began with some heartfelt words about Bob, how much he and his enthusiasm and expertise meant to all of us, and assured us that he was probably watching the proceedings with a smile. All sorts of shakers were passed around, from those we use every day on our kitchen counters to special finds from last year's hunting. While sale displays were set up, Carole conducted a tour of the upstairs: more beautiful glass everywhere. It will be in our dreams for weeks to come. The afternoon concluded with a number of shakers going to new homes, always a highlight of these gatherings. Many thanks again to Carole for her hospitality and for sharing the stunning Bruce collection. Please enjoy the pictures of the afternoon below.

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

Show and Tell

after lunch dining room

dining room after lunch


dessert in the kitchen

patio after lunch

driveway with flowers

driveway with flowers

ground cover near driveway

selling shakers

Mini Convention 2010:
Atlanta Mini Convention in March 2010

This year Jim Beverage and Jay Rogers got 11 members from near and far together for a great little mini! They were happy to welcome one member from New York State who has never attended any of our conventions, but who may now be making plans to come to New Jersey. Linda Burroughs was visiting her daughter who had given birth to twins, so timing played in her favor and ours...she was a delight to meet. Allen and Susan Joyce of Decatur, GA, have a growing interest in shakers, so they also got a chance to meet the rest of the attendees and see shakers as well as purchase a couple for their starting collection.

June Sprock and Rick Koenig came from Terre Haute, IN as well as Doug and Coila Hales and Faye and Phil Rathbun from Florida. All gathered around 11:00 a.m., chatted and then viewed the "Atlanta" collection as we engaged in great discourse about glass collection, families and the joys of shaker collecting. Please look over the pictures below to see glimpses of Jim's and Jay's collection!
Unpacking Shakers

Examining Treasurers

Closeup of Shakers

The Group of Attendees!

Convention Home