Greek Border (OMN)

Greek Border Salt Shaker

Ref. Cit: Barlow and Kaiser, Glass Industry in Sandwich, Vol 1, p. 180 and Vol. 4, pp. 228 & 229; Kamm III-18 and Pl. VI; Smith, Miniature Lamps, p. 95.
Maker: Boston and Sandwich Glass Co.
Date: Ca. 1874 into the 1880s.
Size: 3" tall; 2-5/8" wide.
Desc: Wide urn shape, ring neck. Greek key design makes a band around widest part of body. Tapers to a wide, round foot.
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: None reported.
Submitted by: Lockwood.
More Info: Lechner III, p. 35.

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