Garland of Roses

Garland of Roses Salt Shaker

Ref. Cit: McCain, Pattern Glass, p. 251; Heacock, 1000 Toothpicks, p. 58.
Maker: Unknown.
Date: Ca. 1900.
Size: 3-1/4" tall; 1-7/8" wide.
Desc: The main body of the shaker is on a pedestal of three stippled stumps rising out of a rose covered foot. Roses around the shoulder are cabbage style with embossed lines on petals to look like a button hole thread stitch. The leaves hang vertically and are stippled. Very heavy pressed glass.
Colors Known: Clear crystal.
Decoration: None reported.
Submitted by: White.
More Info: Lechner III, p. 212.

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ID Numerical List 3 (400 - 600)
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