Cosmos Salt Shakers

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These shakers are called "Tall Cosmos", a name given to them by Peterson. In his book, he also named the "Apple Blossom" shaker Cosmos, Short so this was to prevent confusion between the two.

The Cosmos pattern was made by Consolidated Lamp and Glass Co., at both Fostoria, Ohio and Coraopolis, PA. The Cosmos pattern is one of the most collectible Victorian patterns in decorated milk glass. An extensive line was made. However, with the exception of the miniature lamp, no other pieces are known in the colors shown, just the salt shakers.

In the late 1890's, Consolidated made many opalware shakers. Most of these were made in the colors shown; Blue, Green and Cased Pink as well as Decorated Milk. Most were also made in Pink Opalware but not sure that Cosmos has ever been seen in pink, not cased.

cosmos salt shaker in green cosmos salt shaker in pink cosmos salt shaker in white

Pink Cased, Blue Green, Decorated Milk

Below is the very desirable Cosmos Condiment Set. It consists of a salt, pepper and mustard in a glass base. These shakers have a tapered base to allow them to fit in the glass base. This set is only known in decorated milk.

cosmos condiment set

Condiment Set

Collectors and dealers sometimes confuse Northwood's "Apple blossom" pattern with Consolidated's "Cosmos". Below is a picture of the Apple Blossom shaker and a comparison.

Northwood's Apple Blossom salt shaker Apple Blossom Salt and Cosmos Condiment Salt

Northwood's Apple Blossom and Comparison of Apple Blossom with Cosmos Condiment Salt

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