Convention Magnets and Convention Shakers

Each year since 2003, the official Convention Poster was copied onto a magnetic backing to provide a copy of the convention poster available to members. These are approximately 4" x 5". The magnets are pictured below. The magnets cost $5 each or $30 for the set of 7; shipping, handling, and insurance (if desired) is additional. Please write or email Susan Ryan with your questions or order.

2003 convention magnetic poster

2003 Convention Poster

2004 convention magnetic poster

2004 Convention Poster

2006 convention magnetic poster

2006 Convention Poster

2007 convention magnetic poster

2007 Convention Poster

2008 convention magnetic poster

2008 Convention Poster

2009 convention magnetic poster

2009 Convention Poster

2010 convention magnetic poster

2010 Convention Poster

yellow 2005-2006 convention shaker cranberry 2005-2006 convention shaker

Pictured above are the AGSSSC (AAGSSCS) convention shakers produced for year 2005-2006. Since the inception of the club, convention shakers have been designed, produced, and sold as commemoratives of the annual conventions. At the present time, the only convention shakers offered are the 2005-2006 shakers. The shakers were made in an original mold for the Egg, Flat End or aka Lay Down Egg and are mounted on a small base, presenting each egg in a trophy like style. The shakers are available in a cranberry or yellow spatter, simulating cranberry and canary.

The Smith Brothers were one of the premier decorators (many believe the best) of American glassware during the Victorian era. Much of the highly prized Mt Washington Glassware was decorated by them. Their outstanding career began as employees of the Mt Washington Glass Company. Their success enabled them to buy their department and later establish their business in their own buildings. Mt Washington's success with the Egg designs for salt shakers, sugar shakers and other pieces led to the Smith Brothers patented design of the Egg, Flat End in 1893. The 2005 - 06 convention shaker is a tribute to the Mt Washington Glass company and the Smith Brothers.

The shakers are available with original reproduced tops and can be purchased for $50 plus s/h/i. To order, contact Susan Ryan.

Other convention shakers from 1986 to 2003 may be available. If so, ordering information will be posted on this website by January 2011.

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