2012: 27th Annual AGSSSC CONVENTION

2012 Convention Program

The 2012 Annual Convention was held in New Bedford, MA during the weekend of July 26-29, 2012. It is always hard to believe that the next convention will top a previous one, but this was again the case! New Bedford was a treat in so many ways. Andrea Natsios was a perfect chairperson, attending to every detail and sharing pieces from her lovely shaker collection as well as her first love, paper weights.

Many pictures of individual shakers (below) were taken during the Thursday night Welcome Dessert, Coffee/Tea, and Show/Tell. As usual everyone brought favorite or unusual shakers and their interesting stories. Friday was the BIG DAY, however, with a bus trip to the Sandwich Glass Museum (Sandwich, MA), the New Bedford City Hall, and the New Bedford Museum of Glass (NBMOG). En route Kirk Nelson, Director of NBMOG, told members all about the newly remodeled museum in Sandwich, but even his knowledgable presentation did not prepare bus passengers for all the beautiful glass, entertaining glass blowing demonstration, and detailed exhibits of Victorian salt and sugar shakers (including an outstanding exhibit of Mary Gregory and her work. The historica New Bedford City Hall displayed an unexpected treasure of Mt. Washington Glass in attractive, well planned showcases, and the NBMOG (and adjacent antique mall) kept members busy looking for several hours.

Some members also took walking tours through downtown New Bedford to enjoy the waterfront and the architecture of its lovely colonial/whaling captains' homes. Dinners out gave attendees a chance to sample some of the local seafood dishes.

The convention format remained similar to previous years with the AGSSSC auction on Friday night, ID Project and Annual Meeting on Saturday morning, and Display Set-up/Banquet/Dinner/Speaker/Display Awards on Saturday night. The Pictures below follow the general outline of the weekend's activities and members' participation. The first section features the "Show and Tell" evening when members talk about their favorite shaker (and sometimes about several shakers). Included are individual shakers that are so unusual they should be seen even without their proud owners!

Convention Host Leads Off the Following Section With Her Special Show and Tell Shaker

Convention Host Andrea Natsios with Show and Tell Andrea's blue shaker

Scott Arnold with Amethyst Shaker Scott's Amethyst Shaker

Scott Arnold Compliments Pioneer Joyce Sprock with Convention Shaker Joyce's amber shaker

Scott's dual shaker Scott Roland's dual shaker

Scott's metal owl shaker Scott's beaded necklace shakers Scott's pink pair shakers

Barbara's Show and Tell Shaker

Bruce's Sugar Shaker

Faye's Clear Cross Shaker Clear Cross Shaker

Jay Shows Lobe Shaker Jay's Lobe Shaker

Gerry with ST Shaker Gerry's Creased Neck Transfer Shaker

Milford with Amberina Salt and Pepper in Set Amberina Salt and Pepper Castor Set

Jim Watson with Ostrich Egg Jim's Ostrich Egg

Lesley and Dick Harris with Several ST Shakers Dick's Cobalt Shaker Dick's Girl's Portrait Shaker

Susan's double slag shaker Charlene's flowered barrel shaker Coila's pair square shakers Bonnie's green and white tall shaker Someone's Transfer Shaker

Jan's Unfired Burmese shaker front Jan's Unfired Burmese shaker back

Scott Arnold Compliments Pioneer

Assorted photos of Our Bus Trip to the Sandwich Glass Museum...

On bus with Kirk Nelson to Sandwich

Bus Arrives in Sandwich susan and gerry and jan in parking lot

members going into museum

Susan and Clark Inside Museum Sandwich Museum Salt Shakers

Long Shelf with Sandwich Museum Shakers

Sandwich Salt Shakers Designs

Mary Gregory Shelf

...and, New Bedford City Hall...

New Bedford City Hall Shelf with Shakers

Liberty Bell Shakers

Members in New Bedford City Hall

...and, New Bedford Museum of Glass

New Bedford Museum of Glass Display Case NBMOG sugar shaker children

Snow Scene Shelf

NBMOG glass library

Other Events: Auction and ID Session/Annual Meeting

Members Look Over Auction Items Doug, Bill, Phil Auctioneers

Joanne Just Pres

Faye Leads ID Discussion

ID Shaker Layout Phil Rathbun with ID Shakers


"Who Doesn't Love a Tomato" - Best of Show for Group of 30 or More Shakers.
"Something Blue" and "Beach Beauties" - Best Displays of 30 or Less Shakers.

Jim's Winning Tomato Display

Tomato Convention Display

Something Old Something New Sherman Wins

Beach Beauties Charlene Wins

....Other Winning Displays...

Figs Display

Scott Arnold's Winning Display

Scott Arnold Wins

Joanne's Patent Display

Joanne's Patent Display Wins

Best My First Shaker

Best Hand Painted Sugar Shaker Display

Coila's Wavecrest Helmschmied Swirl Andrea's Mt. Washington Painted Burmese Tomato Berry Design

Best Condiment Set in Holder

Jim's Mt. Washington MOP Decor Condiment Jerry's Creased Neck

Best Buy or Flea Market Find Susan's Peachblow Dottie's Mt. Washington Egg Sugar

Barb's shaker she doesn't like Barbara's Mt. Washington Pillar Ribbed

Rarest Salt or Sugar Shaker Doug's Webb Cameo

Jay's Loetz Silver Overlay Dottie's Regularity

....More Displays Including Some "Just for Fun"...

Dick Harris Display Little Apple Display

Smooth As Satin Display

Red Is Hot Display Sea Glass Display

Salty Sayings Display

Andreas Paper Weight Display Miscellaneous Displays

Schafers Display


12 Panel Shakers Display

....Other Banquet Events/Attendees

Joanne Gives Andrea Gift

Waddles and Carolyn Arnold at Banquet Table

members at banquet

members at banquet

dottie maxfield with daughter Barbara White and Katherine

Drowns Terry and Bruce Poulos

Clark, Scott Roland, Rosalie, Marilyn Eileen, Milford, Others Listening

June Joyce Rick

Joan and Cliff Nentwig Lesley and Dick Harris Marilyn

Barbara Bonnie Manuel Rosalie Clark

Allen Manuel Rick Hess Faye Rathbun

Roekles chris and bill schafer

Judy, Jan, Susan, Gerry at banquet

Laura, Andrea, Kirk at banquet

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