2010 AGSSSC 25th Annual Convention
October 14-16, 2010
Hilton Garden Inn, 375 Mount Hope Avenue, Rockaway, NY 07866

2010 Convention Program

This pair of Phoenix "Elk" shakers were the 2010 Convention featured shakers; they appeared on posters at the convention, on the pictured convention program, and now available as a commemorative convention magnet. Chosen from their vast collection by Dick and Lesley Harris. Those members who attended this year's convention were treated to these and the many beautiful shakers in the convention displays, room hopping, and during the unforgettable trip to the Harris home. Please continue reading to learn about the convention from articles written for the October Pioneer, along with published pictures and others submitted by attendees.

Having the AGSSSC convention in October, a first for us, gave members a chance to visit a couple of members? homes full of beautiful shakers and also to travel to and from Rockaway, NJ, through beautiful fall colors that truly exhibited New England, Pennsylvania, and New York, as well as New Jersey, as garden states. We are indebted to Lesley and Dick Harris for opening their home and hosting the convention that followed tradition with a show and tell of members shakers, room hopping, a spirited discussion of names to be assigned to this year?s ID shakers, an annual business meeting, shaker display competition, and shaker auction (with special thanks to auctioneers Doug and Coila Hales and moneyhandlers Bill and Chris Schafer). These events are documented throughout this Pioneer with many photos taken by members. President Susan Ryan presided throughout, starting off with her special shaker Thursday evening. Several shakers shown were beautiful clear glass, almost as an inadvertent introduction to a winning clear glass display admired on Saturday afternoon! Joanne Just again brought the clubs collection of scrapbooks for all to enjoy.

Convention Attendees Visit the Harris Home (by Charlene Hess)

It was a beautiful autumn day, windy and cool, but pleasant as we drove along our route that led us through the countryside to Branchville , New Jersey . I was of the opinion that the tree colors were at their peak and we were lucky to enjoy their beauty. The Harrises, being the gracious hosts that we know them to be, welcomed us all into their home to view their spectacular collection of glass. I think everyone made one pass through every room and then settled into a pattern of studying the displays in each room more slowly.

I visited the cases at least three times myself and noticed a different mix of people in the various rooms each time. Overhearing earnest conversations about the shakers, questions being posed to each other, discussions of the types of glass and the manufacturers or have you ever seen that were part of my observation of our very compatible friends who make up our club.

A delicious box lunch was enjoyed by all as we continued our conversations. We seem to be so at ease with each other that we go from one year to the next just waiting until we can share our stories and our love for our treasured shakers. I think I speak for many who want to thank Dick & Lesley Harris for their dedication to the collection of fine antique glass and allowing us to share in their experience. This newsletter and our website lets non-attendees see just a token of the show.?

Many convention attendees opted for the chance to visit the home of Scott Beale and Lois Bredesen in Landing, NJ. A delightful 19th century home, Scott and Lois have filled it with their wonderful varied collections. Scott, as we knew from many past Pioneer articles, favors Victorian carnival glass, but has so much more in the glass salt and sugar shakers we all treasure. Members also could see up close the wonderful copper plate for an old Hobbs catalogue page featured in the July Pioneer, as well as a wonderful mould holding a Fostoria Coin ruby shaker, probably made from that very mould.

Display Contest Results

Best Educational Display: First, Mt. Washington Burmese & Peachblow; Second, Pink Is Not Just A Color
Best Display of 15 or Under: First, Mini Christmas in October; Second, Pink Is Not Just A Color
Most Creative Display: First, On A Clear Day; Second, A Palette of Salty Colors

Single Shakers/Sugar-Salt Pairs/Condiment Sets Contest Results:

Best Single Salt or Sugar Shaker: First, Opal Coin Spot Sugar; Second, Mt. Washington Egg Cranberry Flashed Salt
Best Matched Pair of Salt & Sugar: First, Mt. Washington Fig Blue Decorated; Second, S.W.Farber, Inc. Elephant Green
Best Condiment Set: First, English Barrel 21 Ribbed Ribbon Blue/White; Second, Phoenix barrel, decorated (LIII, p.207)

BEST IN SHOW: Mt. Washington Burmese & Peachblow

For the second year in a row the Best First Time Display had no entries. Jim Watson gave full credit to his wife for his display. It was his idea, but Cathy designed and executed it. She designs and makes cards. Jan Eldridge again was Display Contest Chair. Joanne Just wrote a ?How To? tome two years ago and Jan added very user friendly forms. Joanne also designed and printed the winners? certificates. Charity Everitt and Al McGinnis registered the displays and Joanne the single shakers. The ballots were counted by Charity, Al, Joanne and LeAnn Lindsey, who now call themselves sisters because they were born 10 days apart before the war - they are not telling which war. Our President, Susan Ryan announced the winners and all cooperated for the great picture taking project, some even kneeling behind their shakers! Here's encouragement to those who?ve never entered display contests: Displays are the highlight of our convention. They line the banquet room to enable us to enjoy them during dinner. They run the gamut of ideas ? glass company, color, state, educational, any or nothing to do with shakers! Look back at earlier Convention pictures for ideas. The more who participate the better it is for all.

Now continue to see pictures of the displays and the winning entries!

2010 Best of Show

Closeup of Burmese Display

BEST OF SHOW: Mt. Washington Burmese...

Mt. Washington Peach Blow

..and Peach Blow

Closeup of Peachblow Display

Closeup of Peachblow Display

Pink Is Not Just A Color

Mini Christmas in October

On A Clear Day

A Palate of Colors

Single Shaker Display

Opal Coin Spot Sugar Shaker

Cranberry Flashed Egg Salt Shaker

Sugar and Salt Shaker Pairs

Scott Arnold's Elephant Sugar and Salt

Barbara White's Fig Sugar and Salt

Condiment Sets

English rib condiment set

Phoenix Condiment Set

Host Lesley Harris Greets Attendees Host Dick Harris and His Show and Tell

Host Lesley Harris greets attendees in the hotel lobby Thursday morning. That evening Host Dick Harris treats members with his Show and Tell Shaker, amber glass with an unusual lid.

Closeup of Dick's Shaker

Coila with Show and Tell Shaker

Doug with Show and Tell Shaker

Dottie with Show and Tell Shaker

Jan with Show and Tell Shaker

Barbara with Show and Tell Shaker

Barb's Daughter with Holly Tomato

Tomato Holly Decorated

Ray Thimineur with clear condiment set

Virginia, Ray, and Chris

Clear condiment set with toothpick top

Scott and Maxine Talking

Now we go a ways upstate to Dick and Lesley's home to see their vast collection of shakers, enjoy each other's conversation, and have a beautiful lunch.

group in lobby waiting for ride group in lobby waiting for ride

bruce jim terry looking in cabinets gretchen dick in front of cabinet

harris collection 1

harris collection 2

harris individual shaker 1

harris individual shaker 2

harris individual shaker 4

harris individual shaker 5

harris individual shaker 6

harris individual shaker 7

harris individual shaker 8

harris individual shaker 9

harris individual shaker 10

pair of sugar and salt1

sugar and salt2

sugar and salt3

sugar and salt4

sugar and salt5

Some Members Went to Scott Beale's Home to See His Collections

scotts special shaker

scotts collection 1

scotts collection 2

scotts collection 3

fostoria coin mold 1

fostoria coin mold 2

hobbs catelog from plate

hobbs plate

The Final Convention Hours: Examining Displays and Auction Entries:
Just Relaxing with Friends!

al and scott examine singles

milford and bonnie

auction shakers group

jim and milford

coila explains auction

milford looking at shakers leann looking at shakers

janet looking at display coila and charity prep auction

group at jim display

dick janet cliff joan

kathy and jerry

scott and lois

joanne and virginia

joanne is a winner

scott arnold wins

terry is a winner

elaine is a winner

dorothy wins

barb is a winner

rick and charlene

jim and best of show

Thanks to our Hosts--A Fabulous Convention from Beginning to End
Plus, thanks to our President!

present for lesley with thanks for good time

Convention Home