Vasa Muhrina Sugar and Salt Shakers: Convention Theme Shakers

The 24th annual convention of the AGSSSC was held from Thursday, July 23 through Saturday, July 25, 2009 in Corning, New York at the comfortable Radisson Hotel Corning. Folloowing former convention formats, with a couple of new twists, the convention attracted old and new members and featured some of the prettiest displays of shakers ever seen. Incoming president Susan Ryan outdid herself in planning the events, leaving lots of free time for members to room hop, spend leisurely time at the Corning Museum, walk around the nearby streets of Corning. and just spend quality time with other old friends. Pictured above are the lovely "Leaf Mold" sugar and salt shakers chosen by Susan Ryan, convention chair, for the convention theme shakers pictured on the convention program and poster. Now, please page through the pictures of the displays and of members "room hopping" and participating in other convention activities.

Display Pictures: 2009 Convention
Member Activities and More!
Some of the prettiest displays in convention history were designed by members for this year's event at Corning, NY. Of course, the Best of Show 'The Salt of the Earth' drew considerable attention for Coila Hales, not only for its beauty but due to the poem that accompanied the display, printed below!

The Salt of the Earth
Beneath the blue dot and oak leaf tree lies a magical garden for me.
Nature's flowers in abundance grow, each with a different agenda to show.
The brightness of colors, the softness of hues, the shapes that unfold to show nature's views.
Of creative miracles which start from a seed, and grow into something glorious indeed.
Do you see the fairies nestled within, capering playfully, nary a sin?
If we could for a moment, be like they, with violets for hats and lilies to play,
We might feel our heart and know it is true,
The salt of the earth is just there for you.
(This is the poem Coila Hales included with her winning display.)

Coilas entry also won first place in the display category Most Creative.

Jim Watson and Sherman and Irene Waddle tied for second place, respectively, for 'Hobbs Vs. Phoenix' and 'Did Someone Say Corn-ing?' The Waddles also won second and Jim won first in the 'Fifteen or Less' category with these entries. In addition, Jim Watson won a first place for 'Christmas in July', in the Education category.

Dick and Lesley Harris have an extensive collection of salt shakers and share their special ones each Convention via interesting, educational displays. This year was no exception. The 'Circle of Golden Friends' contains shakers with gold decor. 'Shakers 1790-1850' are all old clear glass shakers/bottles. 'Geometric Shakers' shows clear shakers made from 1825 to 1850: Dick won second place for this display in the Educational category.

Faye and Phil Rathbuns entry 'Going Green in New York' won first place in the category of shakers relating to New York. Dorothy Maxfield won first and second place for the single NY souvenir shaker category: 'Pan Am games' to far right and 'Blue Ontario Beach'. David Fuchshuber's unusually decorated Mt. Washington Barrel, Narrow won first place in the single shaker competition. Jay Rogers pigeon blood sugar shaker won second place. Coila Hales won first place for her 'Webb Florentine Cameo' condiment set pictured in the. Jim Watson won second place for his Webb condiment set with an intricate wheat design.

The selection of best matched salt and sugar shakers had great variety! Lesley Harris Pansy Frosted Eggs won first place. Dick Harris Webb matching sugars and matching salts in vaseline and cranberry won second place. This was such a popular display category, the shakers could not fit on one photo!

With professional auctioneer, Tom Burns, and efficient help from Doug Hales and Phil Rathbun, the Friday night AGSSSC auction went off without a hitch and with some spirited bidding (to match the spirited calling). Members attending the convention (or just dropping in, as did a couple in town from Texas) made some good buys and sold some special treasures for their own and club profit.

Best of Show

BEST OF SHOW: "The Salt of the Earth" by Coila Hales

Also, First Place: Most Creative.

Second Place Tie: Most Creative

Second Place Tie: "Hobbs Vs. Phoenix" by Jim Watson

Second Place Tie: Most Creative

Second Place Tie: "Did Someone Say Corn-ing?" by Irene and Sherman Waddles

Souvineer of NY Single Shaker

Circle of Golden Friends

Shakers 1790-1850

Geometric Shakers 1825-1850

Jim Watson's Christmas Display

Baby Chick Peeps at Some Great Eggs

eggsrus display

New York Single Shakers

Best Single Salt or Sugar Shaker

David with front of shaker

David with back of shaker

Closeup of Mushroom Sugar Shaker

Best Matched Salt and Sugar Shaker Pairs

Condiment Sets

shakers for sale in rooms

shakers for sale in rooms

shakers for sale in rooms

shakers for sale in rooms

people room hopping

people room hopping

andrea and terry


phil others looking at book in lobby

gerry, jan, bette

dottie and Tom Burns, auctioneer

jim and jay

bill and chris

group at lunch

june and joyce

gretchen and rusty

Wanda and Carol, Canadians

Susan and Brian

Study Room Shelves in Corning Museum

ID Shakers

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