July 21-23, Norfolk, Va
For those who missed it, you really missed it. It was a great convention, thanks to the hard work and ability of our host. Look at the pictures of the convention activities and you will decide that it is a must for you to attend next year in Toledo, O Hi O. Mark your calendars! The participation for the display program was outstanding this year, especially considering the logistics members faced in getting their shakers to the convention. It was indeed a treat for all who attended. The members showed some rare shakers many have not seen before, and all had a clever theme. This year Sugar Shakers were added to the displays.

2007 Displays

Father Son Pow Pow

Father Son Pow Wow: Winner, Best of Show

Phoenix Glass Display Closeup

Phoenix Glass Best Single Maker

Phoenix Glass: First Place, Best Single Maker's Display

Best 15 or Less Shakers

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Winner, Best 15 or Less Shakers

Winner of Best Beach Theme

Treasure Beach: Winner, Best Beach Theme

Winner of Best Sugar Shaker Display

Decorated Victorian Sugar Shakers: Winner, Best Sugar Shaker Display

Second Place Best Under 15 Shakers

Poker Hand: Second Place Under 15 Shakers

Honorable Mention

A Spectrum of Colors: Honorable Mention

First Place Best Single Color Display

Blue Lagoon: First Place, Best Single Color Display>

Educational Shakers

Educational Shakers: Honorable Mention

Just a Pretty Pair

Just A Pretty Pair: First Place, First Time Display


Pansies: Honorable Mention

Second Place, One Glass Makers Shakers

Sweets for All Seasons:
Second Place, One Glass Makers Shakers

Six Categories of Single Shaker Displays

Best Condiment Set

Best Condiment Set

Ugliest Shaker

The Billiken Won: Ugliest Shaker

Most Colorful Shaker

Rainbow Stripe #51: Most Colorful Shaker

Best Northwood Shaker

Alaska #64: Best Northwood Shaker

Best Sugar Shaker

Second Best Sugar Shaker

Chick Head: Best Sugar Shaker: Vaseline Fig: Second Best Sugar Shaker

Rarest Clear Shaker

The Pipe: Rarest Clear Shaker

Member Pictures
Includes Members Attending Events:
Thank Yous, Show and Tell, Auction,
ID Project, Viewing Displays, Banquet

(At Present, the Pictures Are in Somewhat Random Order)

A Thank You to Joanne

A Thank You to Host, Joanne Just

More Thank You's

More Thank You's

A Special Thank You to Maralyn Ridgway
for Serving as Treasurer the Last 5 Years

Good Job, President

Good Job, Jay Rogers, Pres

Chris with Show and Tell

Leann with Show and Tell

Bruce with Show and Tell

Sherm with Show and Tell

Faye with Show and Tell

Gretchen with Show and Tell

Charity with Show and Tell

Al with Show and Tell

Jim Watson with Show and Tell

Scott with Show and Tell

Susan with Show and Tell

Faye and Phil at Podium for ID Project

Jay and Joanne With Historian Books

Milford and Jasper

Phil and Clark

Bonnie and Dick and Jan

Terry and Bruce

Jasper, Doug, Phil

Jasper in Auction

Jasper and Auction

Auction shakers for sale

Bonnie, Jan, and Joan

Joanne Is Everywhere

Maralyn, Sherm and Irene

Chris and Bill

Gretchen and Carole

Dick at His Display

Jan Gerry Susan Bette with Crowns

Bob and Carole Bruce

Lesley and Scott

Cliff and Joan

Charlene and Rick

GZ, Chris and Joanne Marking Ballot

Scott and ?

Roger and Shirley

Leann at Podium

Maralyn at Podium

Shelley at Podium

Milford and Scott

Bonnie, Dick and Jan

Shirley and Barb Marking Ballots

Jim Wilson with Award

Dick Harris with Award

Carole with Award

Clark with Award

Jim and Jay with Award

Jan, Gerry, Susan, Bette

Highlights of Tour of the Chrysler Museum, Hunter House,
Mr. Dumars' Original Ice Cream Parlor

Members in Foyer of Museum

Mt. Washington Display at Chrysler Museum

Closeup of Chrysler Museum Display

Lamp on Display

Members Resting at Museum

Hunter House on Tour

Plaque at Hunter House

Mr Dumars Ice Cream Sign

Mr Dumars Rushing to Bus

Mr Dumars Closeup

MrDumars with Handouts for All

Members Standing in Line for Ice Cream

Members Standing in Line for Ice Cream

Convention Home