2001 AAGSSCS Convention - Denver, Colorado

Typical with AAGSSCS Conventions, the "action" begins with "Room Hopping" - buying and selling shakers between members - From early birds to any free time during the Convention. (If you have never attended a convention, be prepared to see more shakers for sale than you have ever seen in one place!)

Thursday Evening July 12 features the "Show and Tell" get together with dessert. (Bargains and/or special purchases members have found). Members, bring your shaker and it's story! This is followed by the Club'sannual auction (don't be late and miss this!). Members, bring your consignment shakers to sell and shakers to be donated to the auction.

Following a complimentary breakfast Friday, July 13 buses Leave for Field Trip (Historical Denver City Tour, Pismo Gallery, Contemporary Glass Gallery, and McKinley & Hill Antiques with a discussion on collecting art glass. Lunch on the bus precedes a visit to the Worls Wide Antique Show.

Saturday offers the ID Project & Annual Meeting, lunch in the Atrium, an Art Glass and Salt Shakers Panel Discussion With Art Glass Collectors and Dealers, display set-up, display judging by members, and the evening banquet with Speaker Fred Jeffries, Colorado Historical Society: Early Denver. The evening also includes the announcement of display winners. Many of the display photos are pictured below.

Pictures of Members and Display Winners

Ellie and friends Faye, Phil and Gretchen

Gerri with shaker

Scott and friends Doug and friends

Best of Show: Breakfast Shakers

The "Best of Show" Display - Good Morning - Breakfast of soft and hard boiled eggs;
apples, peaches and exotic figs, juice, tea with lemon, toast with jam

Best Western Theme

Best First Time Display

LEFT: Best Western Theme "Gunfight in Shaker Creek, Colorado, 1872". RIGHT: A grouping of shakers
on mirrors with backdrop of "the hills of Colorado" indicating that "Thars Gold in them thar
hills and in salt shakers". Best first time display.

Best Use of Figural Shakers Second Place: Figural Shakers

LEFT: First Place - Best Use of Figural Shakers; RIGHT: Second Place - Best Use of Figural Shakers

Second Place:15 Shakers:Slag Heap Second Place: Best Western: Custard's Laat Stand

LEFT: Second Place - Best Use of 15 or Less Shakers: "Slag Heap".
RIGHT: Second place - Best Western Theme": A grouping of
custard shakers depicting "Custard's Last Stand".


Shakers by Keystone Ware and other rare pieces.

Candy, Whiskey, Salt

Candy, Whiskey, Salt ?

Glass on the Green

Glass on the Green: A Shaker Display

2001 AAGSSCS Convention Ad

AAGSSCS 2001 Convention Ad placed in Glass Colectors Digest, April 2001.

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