Coil Top Shakers

The Coil-Top salt shaker was first shown in Peterson's books (author of Glass Salt Shakers, 1000 Patterns) and named by him. It was patented July 26, 1881 by Thomas Brown of Belmont, Massachusetts. Peterson listed it as "rare" at that time, circa 1968.

The Lechners showed it in their second edition and listed it under the title "The Standard Manufacturing Company. This was based upon an advertisement by that company dated 1881. They also note that that company was a jobber. They advertised the shaker as the "Acme Salt."

Subsequent to that publication, members have found several of these shakers with the patent date, and Eagle Mfg. Co. on the base of the shakers. In addition, the same shaker with a different top has also been found and reported by members. It is more like the Alden top but with the same type coil into the salt area as the coil top shaker.

Consistent with the above data, the maker of the shaker is The Eagle Manufacturing Company and it was probably sold primarily by The Standard Manufacturing Company. Comments by the Lechners indicate it was not a successful design. One could then conclude that the coil top was removed in favor of a twist top as shown in the pictures.

The Lechners list the colors known as clear, white and show for the first time a cobalt blue one. A member has shared her collection of these shakers, showing very rare decorated Opalware shakers with the coil top. Also shown is the later agitator design.

An interesting additional note. A member has reported finding the coil top shaker with a regular top on it but a patent date of Mar 20, 1877, about four years earlier than the coil top patent. We searched and found that patent to be for a stationary agitator attached to the top. It crushed the salt by screwing the top with the agitator rigidly attached. The patentee was Hiram White, better known as the inventor of the Christmas salt agitators.

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