Banded Star

Banded Star Salt Shaker

Ref. Cit: Peterson, Patents and Patterns, p. 97-98.
Maker: King, Son & Co.
Date: Ca. 1880.
Size: 3-1/4" tall; 1-7/8" wide.
Desc: Body is divided into four heavy, vertical lobes, each extending in to a reeded foot with ball end. The reed or vanes extend upward onto the lobes. Five vane fans divide the lobes at the bottom of the shaker.
Colors Known: Clear.
Decoration: None reported.
Submitted by: Avery.
More Info: See Kamm 4-110 and Lee, Victorian Glass, pl. 67; it is noted that a more descriptive name for this shaker would be "Footed Lobes."

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