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Convention Activities and Pictures

ANNOUNCEMENT: Please scroll below to the item "2017 Convention Preview" for information about our upcoming June 22-24 AGSSSC Convention in the Detroit area (Dearborn and Romulus, MI)

A convention is held annually at locations throughout the country. The locations where they have been held are shown in the History Section. Although they are normally held in the East or Midwest near the highest concentration of members, they have been held as far west as California and Washington. Many members look forward to the convention every year and schedule their vacations around that date.

The convention highlight is always the opportunity to share conversations with other members who are similarly affected by the "collecting bug". Of course, some just go to the convention to find shakers since the membership is always looking for new finds and frequently have duplicates for sale. Another highlight for some members is the "room hopping" to buy shakers from dealer members or duplicates from other members.

Normally, at least two prominent, nationally known speakers from throughout the country are selected to speak. Everyone always learns something new from these talks. A special shaker is made each year to commemorate the annual convention. The shaker is available to members at the convention for a nominal cost to cover manufacturing expenses.

Another feature of the convention is the annual shaker auction. Here is an opportunity to sell shaker duplicates or to purchase that special shaker that another member has up for auction. The late Col. William Avery was the auctioneer for many years. He tried hard to see that the highest price was obtained for each item. Some members went to the auction just to see him perform. The auction provides additional revenue for the club.

There is of course, the semiannual board meeting, the business meeting and the associated formalities. A couple of hours are devoted each year to the Identification Project. Here the members see the shakers that others have submitted as unknowns and vote on the names recommended by the Identification Committee. For more information on the Identification Project see that discussion.

The convention wraps up with a show and sale open to the public. Many members also provide a display of shakers following a particular selected theme. Awards are given for, the best display following the theme, best display using under fifteen shakers, the "Best of Show" and others. Categories vary and are typically selected by the convention host.

Pictures of displays and reports on other activities at past annual conventions are included beyond the entry for each annual convention listed below. You will be able to go to each convention for the last few years via the links below and look through all of the pages for that convention year.

Previous Conventions
Year 2000 Convention, Huntington, WV
Year 2001 Convention, Denver, CO
Year 2002 Convention, Corning, NY
Year 2003 Convention, Atlanta, GA
Year 2004 Convention, Jacksonville/St. Augustine, FL
Year 2005 Convention, Hartford, CT
Year 2006 Convention, Tacoma, WA
Year 2007 Convention, Norfolk, VA
Year 2008 Convention, Archbold, OH
Year 2009 Convention, Corning, NY
Year 2010 Convention, Rockaway, NJ
Year 2011 MegaConvention, Kansas City, KS
Year 2012 Convention, New Bedford, MA
Year 2013 Convention, Harrisonburg, VA (being reconstructed)
Year 2014 Convention, Findlay, OH (being reconstructed)
Year 2015 MegaConvention, Indianapolis, IN (being reconstructed)
Year 2016 Convention, Springfield, IL (being reconstructed)

Year 2017 Convention Preview, Detroit area (Dearborn and Romulus, MI)

Convention Magnets and Shakers

2010 Mini Conventions
2012 Mini Convention