Gallery Display 44 of AGSSSC ID Numbered Shakers (SSNOs 1101 - 1120)

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Barrel Tapered Tiny Honeycomb Hex Honeycomb Slope Shoulder Column Six Panel Pedestal Vasa Smooth Interior Urn Oval Six Panel Barrel Belted Ribs
Urn Ribbed Dome and Icicles Aster on Lattice Roses and Scrolls Barrel Pulled Loops
Ball Twelve Swirl Leaf Three Flared Foot To Be Determined, Tabled Handled Berry Crackled
Nichols Damp Proof Paneled Nichols Damp Proof 4 Ribs and Panel Nichols Damp Proof Ribbed Bulb
Pioneer Salt Bottle 2 Variant To Be Determined, Tabled Hobnail Thumbprint Base Brilliant Hobnail L G Wright

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