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Introduction to Identification Project Activity

The Identification Project has been a key activity of the club since the late 1980's. At that time there was almost no existing literature concerning the beautiful antique art glass shakers of its members. Many members had ornate shakers with their exquisite decorations and wished they knew more about their history. Thus, the Club decided that a major part of its mission should be to establish an "Idetification Project" in which members could submit a shaker and should ultimately be able to learn what experts thought about its history, such as which manufacturer made it, what was the pattern's name, about when was it made, and other details. In addition, the Club started a web site which would show a photo of each submitted shaker and the data concerning it.

This ID project has been a very successful endeavor. The club has reviewed over 1,100 shakers and determined as best it could the detailed properties of each shaker. Any Club member can submit an "unknown" shaker to the "Identification Project Committee" for review. The committee does research to see if the shaker can be found in any published literature, especially in several books, old catalogs, etc. All information found on the shaker is then published in the Club's newsletter, "The Pioneer", for review, and a request is made to determine if any other Club member has information concerning the shaker. All data is then collected and sorted by the Committee and summarized in a Data Sheet for each shaker. This information is then presented at a special open meeting of the Club at its annual convention, and the actual shaker (or a large Power Point photo of it) is reviewed by the attending membership. If the original shaker name is not found, a vote is taken among attending members to determine an appropriate name and the shaker can then be entered into the Club's data base and onto the web site.

Many of the early shakers approved by the ID Committee had their description and photo published by Ralph and Mildred Lechner in the second and third volumes of their The World of Salt Shakers books. The Lechners typically used the Club's assigned name in those cases where the original name could not be found, and they also made use of the Club's research information in their discussion on each shaker. Rather than publish an additional book on shakers, the Club's goal is now to continue to expand and improve its web site so it becomes the major reference on shaker information. Members can use it to learn about their shakers and also to identify those shakers for which they have no name or information. The Club is currently in the midst of a major upgrade of its site. Improved procedures for locating and identifying a shaker are being implemented. The Club's ambitious goal is to include all Victorian era antique salt and sugar shakers in its on-line listing, which will definitely be useful and increase the interest of buyers, sellers, and collectors.
Can You Find Any of Your Shakers In Our Gallery Collection?

To start viewing the many galleries of the AGSSSC collection of shakers,CLICK HERE.. If you know the number of your shaker of interest, you can choose to go directly to your shaker by selecting the Gallery page of interest from the list below. Special Note: The galleries are in a transition period. Daily changes are being made to improve shaker photos and their Data Sheets. There will often be duplicates listed within the last new gallery and the first older gallery until all the shakers from the older galleries have been upgraded and then included into a newer gallery. The new galleries are those at the top of the list below with their Salt Shaker Numbers indicated by "#", rather than with the older designation of "SSNO".


1st Gallery(#1 to #36) ; 2nd Gallery(#37 to #72) ; 3rd Gallery(#73 to #106) ; 4th Gallery(#107 to #144) ; 5th Gallery(#145 to #184)

6th Gallery(#185 to #230) ; 7th Gallery(#231 to #265) ; 8th Gallery(#266 to #299) ; 9th Gallery(#300 to #330) ; 10th Gallery(#331 to #362)

11th Gallery(#363 to #391) ; 12th Gallery(#392 to #425) ; 13th Gallery(#426 to #455)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO451 - 471)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO500 - 525)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO526 - 550)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO551 - 575)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO576 - 600)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO601 - 625)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO626 - 650)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO651 - 675)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO676 - 700)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO701 - 725)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO726 - 750)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO751 - 775)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO776 - 800)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO801 - 825)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO826 - 850)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO851 - 875)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO876 - 900)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO901 - 925)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO926 - 950)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO951 - 975)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO976 - 1000)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1001 - 1025)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1026 - 1050)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1051 - 1075)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1076 - 1100)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1101 - 1120)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (SSNO1121 - 1135)

Gallery of AGSSSC Named Sugar Shakers (Assorted SSNO Numbers)

Test of 14h Gallery of AGSSSC Named Shakers (#456 to #475)

Numerical List: To see and access the AGSSSC collection of shakers by their assigned AGSSSC numbers, Click Here.

Alphabetical List: To see and access the AGSSSC collection of shakers by their names, Click Here.

At present the ID chair position is open. The AGSSSC Facebook site, created by Brad Gougeon, is now managed jointly by Scott Beale and Chris Browning. In spring 2014 some ID Committee members began reviewing many of the shakers that have been ID'd since March 1989. When improvements are indicated, they will be incorporated into the galleries. The disposition of various shakers with extensive revisions will be noted by "Under development" in the Numerical Listing. If anyone can provide a better picture of a given shaker or suggest information not provided on the Shaker Data Sheet, please send it to Gretchen Zale, the AGSSSC webmaster ([email protected] or 230 Pierce Lake Drive, Chelsea, MI 48118; 734-433-1484) with the identifying SSNO number, either attached via email or hard copy/snail mail.

If members have unidentified shakers, they are encouraged to complete the ID Form (attached for download to your computer or printer), and send it with a good close-up photo (as explained on the attached form) to Gretchen Zale at her email or home address given above. She will copy/scan any pictures and then forward all on to the ID Committee.

An Identification Guide was prepared to document definitions and standards used by the AGSSSC ID committee to ID shakers in the Club's listing. If you are submitting an unknown shaker to be identified, please consult this ID Guide document which should be helpful in how best to describe your shaker and suggest names for it. That guide can be seen and printed at:ID Guide

All identifications are the property of the AGSSSC. Please contact the webmaster if any of the information is desired to be copied for any reason. Nothing is to be copied or reproduced without written permission from the webmaster.