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AGSSSC Shaker Identification Guide
This guide was prepared by Charity Everitt, Ellie Kuyers and Barbara White and presented at our 2004 annual convention. Comments are always welcome. This Guide was prepared with two purposes in mind:

To document definitions and standards used by the AGSSSC ID committee in naming unidentified shakers.

To assist collectors in finding the name of a shaker. References are to illustrations in The World of Salt Shakers Volume II or Volume III (L2 or L3) by Mildred and Ralph Lechner, and Glass Salt Shakers by Arthur G. Peterson (P).

References to SSNo are to shakers identified by the ID Committee and for which photos appear in supplements to "The Pioneer" and may now also be viewed by the link to the Visual Guide. Because many shakers of the same basic shape have been given different names (e.g. "ball" and "sphere") we have tried to cross-reference shape and surface descriptions to give the collector as much assistance as possible.

When using this Guide note that it is organized into visual categories:
(1) Basic Shapes, Primary (the shaker's silhouette, e.g. sphere, pillar)
(2) Basic Shapes, Secondary (additional characteristics of the shape, e.g. footed)
(3) Exterior Surface Design in the Mold (e.g. scrolls, ribs)
(4) Interior Surface Design in the Mold (e.g. IVT)
(5) Applied Surface Decoration or Treatment (e.g. HP, satinized)
(6) Glass Types (e.g. Peachblow, vaseline)

Start with the most obvious characteristic of the shaker and look in the appropriate table. Copious cross-references are supplied because the same shape or surface treatment may have been given different names. Sample references have been chosen to illustrate a variety of uses of the characteristic in a name. Examples also include some cases where the descriptive word does not appear at all in the name.

This guide is not intended to include all possible shapes, decoration or glass types, but only those for which we have known examples in salt shakers. A list of useful Reference Books will be included soon.

Now, please continue on to the Visual Guide.

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