Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club
test of 13th Gallery of Shakers #426 to #455
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Diamond and Double Fan< > Zippered Corner, Ring Neck< > Zippered Block< > Blocked Thumbprint Band< > Satina Swirl< > Bon-bon Egg Sugar Shaker< > Frosted Medallion< > Bull's-Eye and Buttons< > Wellsburg

Juniper< > Vining Rose< > Pleated Medallion< > Ribbed Base with Flower Panels< > Squat Bottom< > Ringed Salt< > Rosby< > Amboy

Victor< > Sterling< > The Prize-Type I The Prize-Type II< > National Glass #1004< > U. S. Glass #160< > Wild Rose, Fostoria< > Venetian, Northwood's Venetian, Northwood's

Regent< > Colonial Stairsteps< > Sunbeam< > Scroll, Bold< > Paneled Cane, Heisey's #315

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