Special Find: A Spanish Lace Salt Shaker
That Matches Sugar Shaker

Spanish Lace Salt and Sugar Shakers

One of our members had a question about the Spanish Lace Salt Shaker in the catalog reprint on page 32 of the Dugan Diamond book by Heacock, Measell and Wiggens. He was concerned that it was not the same as the shaker we all know as our Spanish Lace Salt Shaker. It was not pictured in Lechner nor in Peterson in that shape.

While we all have seen and know about the salt shaker that we call Spanish Lace or Opaline Brocade in the Ribbon Tie mold, with the necklace of beads and the little bow, the sugar shaker for this pattern is from a different mold. The catalog reprint shows a salt shaker in the same mold or shape as the sugar shaker, but what happened to that salt shaker? We have seen the same shape in salt shaker collections in milk glass with the scenic scenes, called Opal Venetian. It is pictured in the Dugan Diamond book on page 77 with a scenic motif. Looking at the catalog reprint on page 32, in that same book, the Opaline Brocade salt shaker is pictured in the same shape as the sugar shaker!

Pictured above is the special find, a Spanish Lace Salt Shaker in a salt-shaker-size-wide-waist-mold (left) with the matching Spanish Lace Sugar Shaker and our familiar Spanish Lace or Opaline Brocade Salt Shaker (right), all in vaseline! Now, who will be the first to find one in cranberry? When you do, please let your webmaster know!

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