Antique Glass Salt and Sugar Shaker Club


Maker: C.F. Monroe.
Reference(s): Lechner III, pg. 95-2. Also, see Special Comments below.
Description: A shaker with circular cross-section which is concave from near the bottom to the neck. Inward taper near the bottom.
Decoration: HP cluster of daisy flowers with foilage.
Colors Known: Opalware.
Size: 2-3/8" tall; 1-7/8" max. dia.; 1-3/8" base dia.
Date: Ca. 1898-1902.
Submitted by: White.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO88.
Special Comments: Nakara was a special line of glassware made by Monroe. Wilford Cohen, who wrote the book on Monroe, attended the 1988 AGSSSC Convention and felt this shaker was a Nakara shaker and he would liked to have placed in the Nakara section of his book. It was clearly the only one he had ever seen.

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