National Glass #1004
National Glass #1004

Maker: OMN used by National Glass Company.
Reference(s): H1-pg. 58-2 shows original ad for this shaker; Lechner III, pg. 127-3.
Description: This is a slightly tapered columnar shaker. The region below the neck ring has the smallest diameter. Most of the shaker body is plain accept for the lower 1/4 which has a wide band of fifteen slanted and indented ribs separated by a raised line. Shaker has a rayed bottom.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Opalware.
Size: 2-1/2" tall; 1-3/4" max. body dia.
Date: Ca. 1901.
Submitted by: Lockwood.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SS#447.
Special Comments: None.

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