The Prize - Type I The Prize - Type II
The Prize - Types I and II

Maker: OMN named by National Glass and made in the McKee and Brothers factory as #500.
Reference(s): K5-67 and the creamer is shown in original ad in Pl. 5; Pet, pg. 41-U; H1-pg. 37, Fig. 243; H3-pg. 56, Fig. 447 and pg. 60, Fig. 470-B; H7-pg. 176-7, Figs. P43 thru P47.
Description: There are definitely two different versions of this shaker. The two types of shakers do not appear to be closely related except by name. This one pictured above we call Type II. It has a long, concave neck which widens in its lower half. It has six panels, each with a large, long teardrop on its lower 2/3. The teardrop spreads out as its gets lower. Encircling inside its perimeter is a narrow string of zipper. This shaker has a neck ring and a disc foot. This version of the shaker is NOT shown in Lechner.

NOTE: The Type I shaker is not yet pictured here, but it is shown in H1 and Lechner. It has the pattern commonly seen on the pieces in the references above. The Type I shaker is a slightly bulging, barrel shaker with a thick disc foot which is heavily scalloped around its circumference. There is no teardrop inside its eight panels. Instead, the pattern in each panel flares out as it goes up to an arch at its top. In addition, the panels are connected by beaded bars which seem too big to be seen/described as a zipper.

Decoration: Some are ruby-stained.
Colors Known: Clear; ruby-stained, emerald green.
Size: Type I: 3-1/4" tall; 1-7/8" max. body dia. Type II: 2-3/4" tall; 2-1/8" max. body dia.
Date: Ca. 1900-04.
Submitted by: Lockwood.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SS#446.
Special Comments: Kamm explains how McKee and Brothers held a design contest and offered prize money for the winners. One of the above described designs apparently won the contest (probably Type I.) Perhaps one of them won first prize and the other the second prize, but they both got The Prize name? What happened is not really clear.

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