Zippered Borders
Zippered Borders

Maker: Probably Cambridge Glass, but see Special Comments below.
Reference(s): Peterson, pg. 177-J shows a vasa murrhina version of this shaker and called it "Zippered Borders". Several other names have been used and many authors have commented on this pattern. A lot of confusion has been generated. See "Special Comments" below.
Description: A square shaker with beveled corners on all four edges. A zipper pattern extends up along each edge of the sides for the full height of the shaker.
Decoration: Some. The syrup was ruby stained and etched. Also, some have souvenir notation on them.
Colors Known: Cranberry; ruby stained; vasa murrhina.
Size: 3-1/2" tall; 1-5/8" max. width; 2" max. base width.
Date: Ca. 1898-1903.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO161.
Special Comments: There is lots of interesting confusion concerning this pattern. In 1970, Peterson called this pattern "Zippered Corner". Heacock 3, pgs. 46 & 47, Fig. 337, showed a ruby stained syrup and called the pattern "Zipper Borders". In Heacock 7, pg. 219, Fig. Z5, he shows the syrup again, and in. Fig. Z6 shows the shaker with a neck ring - which was not on Peterson's version. But, this time he used Peterson's name. Lechner also shows the neck ring version of the shaker in LII, pg. 39-2, and called it by its third name - "Zippered Corner, Ring". He attributed it to Cambridge Glass Company, based on Heacock's remarks. Lechner III, pg. 143, shows a condiment set with no neck rings and used Peterson's name. Also, in Lechner III, pg. 268-5, is shown the neck ring version of the shaker and it was called by its fourth name, "Zippered Corner, Ring Necked". McClain 419-20, Fig. 2,list pattern as "Zipper Borders" and says the only piece known in the pattern is the etched syrup! She did reference Heacock 7, but apparent did not read it well!

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