Zaneville, Variant
Zaneville, Variant

Maker: Robinson Glass Company. Also, see Special Comments below.
Reference(s): Harmer-Tooke catalog 9/12/90, p.55 and also Lechner II, pg. 180-4. Also, see Special Comments below for related references.
Description: This is a circular cross-section shaker with bulging lower portion, definite neck ring, and disc foot with small, impressed multi-pedaled flower at its center. Also, see Special Comments below on this shaker.
Decoration: Some have HP floral decoration.
Colors Known: Light yellow, clear, frosted. and ruby-stained.
Size: 3" tall.
Date: Ca. 1896-1900 by Robinson.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO160.
Special Comments: The Robinson Glass Co. was located in Zaneville, OH, which explains the name for this shaker. The pieces in the normal (not varient) version of this pattern have a pattern encircling the base which has two eye-balls and a rayed star inside both of the loops of a sideways "figure eight". This pattern is clearly shown in an original ad by Heacock 6, pg. 66 (lower half). The shaker above and the one shown in Lechner II clearly have no pattern around the lower half. The shaker shown in Peterson, pg. 177-I has the "figure eight" design around its base, as do the pieces shown in Heacock I, pg. 45, Fig. 334, Also, there are comments and a sketch in McCain, pp. 452 and 453-9.
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