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Hobnail, Fenton's 11 Rows
Hobnail, Fenton's 11 Rows

Maker: Fenton Art Glass Company.
Reference(s): Heacock, Fenton Glass - The Second Twenty-Five Years, pg. 78, Fig. 4-T shows this shaker in a condiment set in a Fenton ad. Also, see Special Comments below.
Description: A cylindrical shaker with rather large protuding hobnails all over. There are 11 rows of hobnails with 12 hobs per row. The shaker has a disc foot.
Decoration: None.
Colors Known: Opalware, blue, amber, and also turquoise. The hobnails were also made in several opalescent colors - blue, French (often now called clear), pink, plum, sapphire blue, and topaz.
Size: 2-7/8" tall; 1-5/8" max. dia.; 1-1/2" base dia.
Date: From 1950; then, off and on till 1995.
Submitted by: Anonymous.
AGSSSC Assigned #: SSNO154.
Special Comments: Many different sizes and shapes of hobnail shakers were made, usually covered all over with hobs. Clearly, such shakers were very popular and molds were relatively easy to make. Several companies made such shakers and is not easy to attribute which shaker was made by whomever. Fenton made at least two different shape variations. One type, like shown above and in Lechner II, pg. 83-3 and named Hobnail, Opaque, has 11 rows of 12 hobs each. A similar shaped one is shown in Lechner II, pg. 82-1 and named Blue Opalescent Hobnail - the blue should have been omitted since also made in other colors. Also, in Lechner II, pg. 82-4 is a Fenton shaker with 10 rows of 12 slightly larger hobs and named Cranberry Hobnail Opalescent - the cranberry should have been omitted since shaker was made in other opalescent colors. The 11 row version was made in opaque white, aqua, and both blue and dark blue opalescent. The 10 row version was made in cranberry opalescent and other opalescent colors as well. M.& K. Whitmyer in Fenton Art Glass - Hobnail Pattern, pg. 175, indicate that Fenton No. 3806 shaker with 10 rows of hobs was made in 11 different colors - most of which were opalescent. Lechner II, pg. 64 shows several condiment sets in this pattern one with 11 rows of hobs and one with 10 rows. Another common hobnail shaker, NOT made by Fenton, is found to have 9 rows of hobs and with different shaker dimensions. There are also several versions of hobnail shakers which are footed. Note: Pity the poor tumbler collectors who has even more serious maker identifcation problems than we do. Bredehoft in Glass Tumblers 1860s to 1920s shows over twenty different hobnail tumblers, which he attributed to 8 different makers and several tumblers to unknown makers. Note the original Club's name for this shaker was simply Hobnail, Fenton.

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